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October News and Events:

 Hello Pampered Pets friends! October is a fun time of year and we are so excited! It kicks off the holidays, cooler temps, and our spooky fun! We have had several people inquire about our boarding services and unfortantely due to the economic impact of the shutdown and the decrease in travel we had to discontinue our boarding. We apprcisste all of our faithful boarders of the last 20 years! It was definately a hard decision to come to. We still offer daycare and grooming and would love to see you all!!! All of October we will be running our costume contest and our number guessing contest! Winners will recive some ghoulish prizes. To enter the costume contest simpl take a pcture of your pet in their best costume or costumes and I will post their picture to our FB page. The dog with the mostr likes by 5pm October 30th wins. Be sure to share with your friends to get more likes. The number guessing game will start Friday October 2nd visit the shop to make your guess. As always we couldn't do what we do without all of our furry friends and their humaan families! We LOVE you all so much! Thank you for your continued support during these changing times!!1


Tip of the month: The importance of Dental Care


 Dental disease, or periodontal disease, affects the teeth, gums and structures that support and surround a dog’s teeth. It begins with the buildup of food particles and bacteria on the teeth. This forms a film over the teeth called plaque, which can become calcified by the calcium in your pet’s saliva. The calcified plaque is called tartar, and this can lead to gingivitis and infections in the roots of the teeth.


I know we lead very busy lives and brushing the dogs teeth can seem like another chore, but it can save so much money in the long run and add years to your pups life. It is suggested to brush your dogs teeth a few times a week. If you are coming in for grooming we can do it here as well. They sell many different flavors of doggie tooth paste and varitions of doggie tooth brushes. Play around and see what your pup prefers! In between brushings you can always reward your pup with a veterinarian approved dental chew!

 It is also recomended that you have regular dental exams and cleaning for your furbabies. There are a few options you can consider to meet your pets needs. You can do no anesthesia dentals or anesthesia dentals. Some dogs may have advanced dental diesease and or need a tooth extracted and require anesthesia. If it is a simple routine cleaning your pet maybe a good canidate for anesthisia free cleanings. We host a no anesthesia clinic every two months at our location and would be happy to provide you with that information. What ever you decide make sure to make your pups dental care part of your routine. They will thank you with fresh kisses!!!!!



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